• Episode 30: Live Educate Transform Society (LET’S)

    How does Live Educate Transform Society (LET’S) help advocate for and create more accessible spaces? Health McCain explains.  This is Episode 30 (S2 E5) of A Social Justice Podcast, brought […]

  • Episode 29: Wondrous Tree Fellowship

    How does Wondrous Tree Fellowship help to protect our urban forests? Listen to James Bobick discuss this and more, while providing tons of fascinating facts about the benefits of trees. […]

  • Episode 28 - SALAL

    Episode 28: SALAL

    How does Salal Sexual Violence Support Centre help survivors by focusing on feminism, anti-oppression, and decolonizing Apologies for the audio in places. The microphone audio failed for part of the […]

  • Episode 27: QMUNITY

    How do non-profits work? What does BC’s Queer, Trans & Two-Spirit Resource Centre do? We talk about this, and more, with QMUNITY’s Alex DeForge.  This is Episode 27 (S2 E2) […]

  • Episode 26: Trans in Rugby

    Episode 26: Trans in Rugby

    This week, Nicola Spurling speaks with Will and Nico, from the Vancouver Rogues, to discuss trans and non-binary inclusion in rugby, and sports more generally.  This is Episode 26, and […]

  • Episode 24: Sex Work

    Episode 24: Sex Work

    This week, Nicola Spurling speaks with Aphrodite Janeway, a Sex Worker in BC, about Sex Work.  This is Episode 24 of A Social Justice Podcast, brought to you by The […]

  • Episode 23: War

    Episode 23: War

    This week, Nicola Spurling speaks with Michael Kluckner of the Vancouver Historical Society about War. This conversation primarily focuses on the social impacts of war on Vancouver.  Vancouver Historical Society’s […]

  • Episode 22: Xenophobia

    Episode 22: Xenophobia

    This week, Nicola Spurling speaks with Fred Soofi and Jimmy Yan, of the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society, about Xenophobia.  Fred Soofi studied Hotel Management and Economics at the University […]

  • Intimate Partner Violence

    Episode 21: Intimate Partner Violence

    This week, Nicola Spurling speaks with Reverend Cat Webb about Intimate Partner Violence. Cat is a Reverend of Metaphysics, and a Psychopomp Priestess who walks between the lands of living […]

  • Episode 20: Human trafficking

    Episode 20: Human Trafficking

    This week, @NicESpurling speaks with  @covenanthousebc ‘s Kathleen Kashin about #HumanTrafficking. Kathleen is an Anti-Human Trafficking Coordinator who works primarily with youth. It’s estimated that 100,000-300,000 children are sexual exploited in […]


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